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Exceptional expertise in infrastructure and urban architecture

Exceptional expertise in infrastructure and urban architecture

Over the next few years, infrastructure and urban architecture will be at the forefront of the economic recovery as we race to rebuild America’s aging infrastructure and strengthen urban vitality.

Your new projects will give you the opportunity to shine, demonstrating the skills of your team and the high quality of your work. We are eager to be part of your team to help ensure you are out on top of the list of excellent resources for clients building the next generation cityscape.

What We Offer

Well-tested skills and deep experience that can help boost the odds of success of your infrastructure and urban architecture projects.

knowledgeable of the complex standards that infrastructure and urban architecture projects must meet.

demonstrated expertise in the design of bridges, streetscapes, power facilities and parks, as well as townhomes, condominiums and mixed use facilities.

Inventive Design

pragmatic economics, informed urbanism and attention to the unique possibilities of a building and a site are the foundation of our design approach, integrating technology and real-world economics into projects that meet the needs and desires of clients and users.

understands the public realm — how people as humans relate to a particular space.

President Alliance to Improve Emory Village

ability to synthesize is very valuable ... ability to show a lot of information graphically.

executive director covington planning department

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